Solution to 'Before the Big Bang?'

I don't know if anyone else has said it before, I haven't heard anyone describe it like this before and I'm sure there are many issues that need to be ironed out before I collect my Noble Prize but I'm going to share it with you anyway.

In a nut shell I believe Dark Energy causes The Big Bang. I think this is a continuous cycle without a beginning or end, just a 'new' universe created once Dark Energy gets to a certain strength.

Ok so a little meat on the bones on this theory:

We now have pretty much indisputable evidence that Dark Energy's effect is increasing with time (well space actually) in that the further things are apart from each other in the universe the faster they are moving apart from each other due to an unexplained force we have called dark energy. Most theories have this cosmological constant as just that, a constant (per volume of the universe) but there are theories out there at suggest the cosmological constant might not be so constant after all. In my theory cosmological 'constant' actually increases in strength with time. If this happen then the universe's expansion will continue to accelerate at an exponential rate, one day all the galaxies will have moved away from each other, then the Milky Way will get ripped apart by Dark Energy, then the solar system, then the moon from its orbit, then the Earth itself, then molecules, then orbiting electrons from atoms, then nucleus of atoms but when we get to the force levels needed to rip protons and neutrons themselves apart Dark Energy hits a problem. It takes more energy to overcome the binding force of quarks inside the protons and neutrons than it takes to create new quarks ie if you pull 2 quarks apart you just end up with 4 quarks (2 sets of paired quarks).
So this would give us 'spontaneous creation of matter', sound familiar?
As all baryonic matter in the universe is identical at the subatomic level (we believe) and Dark Energy's concentration is identical throughout the universe (we believe) then when Dark Energy reaches the required strength of being able to tear protons and neutrons apart it will be a simultaneous explosion of matter everywhere in the whole universe, exactly like we think of the big bang today in an infinite universe. The similarities don't stop there, this would create a vast 'sea of quarks' (like we believe exists just after the big bang). The expansion is at such a rate that only very close particles would be causally connected and so create a CMB as we see today. An interesting quirk of this theory is how would dark energy at these force levels interact with black holes? It would take longer for dark energy to overcome the colossal gravitational forces inside super massive black holes, this would leave to a slight gravitational discrepancy and if this is within your observable universe then lead to things like The Great Attractor. 
One final leap of faith for this theory is I believe that the source of the gravitational force and the source of dark energy will have a common thread. So the sudden creation of so much matter (a universe amount of matter) causes Dark Energy to 'stall' but there is a fraction of second delay in this stalling which accounts for inflation. All of this leads to the universe as we see today without the complexities of what caused the big bang, what was before the big bang...? Dark Energy simply builds up again over billions of years and the process happens all over again.

I call this process 'Loadwickation'.

Let me know your thoughts of this theory, any questions you have.